Friday, August 13, 2010

Moving ...Yes again (Smile)

We are moving this weekend,and to those who follow my blog Yes again-I think this will be the 8th move in 2 years?(Smile). We have moving and packing down to a science! We are moving because of financial necessity, and we knew from the beginning that where we are living now would only be a short term thing, and that this day was bound to come soon. And to tell you the truth we are fine with it! and a little giddy and excited about the change! anyway all this packing and moving got me thinking about what 'home' is.

What makes your home 'home'? Is it the furniture and the dishes? the 'style' your home portrays? maybe its the family pictures on the wall, or the family heirlooms passed down and kept safe under lock and key.
I think all of these things can fill a home and make it feel homey they can even bring back memories of childhood and good times, but what really makes my home 'home' to me is who I share it with. No matter where I live-in a house an apartment-a foreign country, as long as my loved ones are there with me its 'home'.

Here is a few pics of the hubby and me modeling the new wrap my sister helped me make! well she did all the work-Ill just say I was the motivation behind it lol! Thanks Blu! We love it and so does the little guy.

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