Thursday, April 22, 2010

Pregnancy Etiquette

In my last days of pregnancy I thought I would share some pregnancy etiquette while I still have that pregnancy boldness to do so. :)

So here we go-I don't mean to offend anyone, just bring some awareness to the world of those who are not pregnant and may have forgotten these things, to those who have never been pregnant, and even to the men out there who never will be pregnant.


The Big No Nos...Things you shouldn't say or do to a pregnant woman...

1.) Don't ask a pregnant woman how much she weighs or how much weight she has gained,(seriously just b/c she is pregnant doesn't make it okay, its still very inappropriate.)

2.) Don't ever tell a pregnant woman she looks like she has gained some weight! (I guarantee if she has gained weight she already knows that, and doesn't really want to be reminded of it.)

3.)Don't ask a pregnant woman what size she wears. (In anything!...)

4.) Don't scold a pregnant woman for having a cup of coffee. (They have proven it is perfectly safe for you and the baby when you are pregnant. 1-2 cups a day)

5.)Don't scold a pregnant woman when she picks up something to eat! (no matter what it is she is eating)

6.)Don't tell a pregnant woman she looks just like the man with a huge beer belly that just walked by.

7.)When shopping in a store and you see a pregnant woman with a large belly browsing between the clothing racks don't try to squeeze past her to find what you need!

8.)Never point and laugh or point and whisper at a pregnant woman! ( Didn't your mama teach you any manners!)

9.)Don't just talk to a pregnant woman's belly, look at her face and talk to her too!

10.)Don't tell a pregnant woman your pregnancy and birth war stories (Thankfully I haven't heard to many of these! ;)

11.)Don't follow pregnant women around in the store to get a better look at their belly.(This has happened to me twice! its kinda creepy and made me feel really weird!)

12.) If you have never been pregnant don't try to give a pregnant woman advice (That's just annoying)

13.) If the pregnant woman is a total stranger or a new acquaintance, make sure you ask before touching the tummy (some women are very sensitive about this)

14.)Don't ever walk up to a pregnant woman and just start massaging her her without asking!

15.) Don't 'Over Rub' the belly!- If the pregnant woman is in a conversation with you or someone else, don't keep rubbing the belly as she is talking, this can really start to feel awkward and should probably be reserved for her hubby.

16.)Don't ask a pregnant woman if she has lost her mucus plug, or if her water is leaking! (this is very strange to answer unless you are her very close family, midwife or Dr.!)

17.) Don't ask a pregnant woman if she is dilated!!! (especially if you are not family!) that info is kind a private until you are in active labor. :)

18.)Please don't rub a pregnant woman's belly in the 'Off Limit Zones'- A frontal tap or short rub is fine but stay far away from her hips and lower abdomen! (again those spots are reserved for her hubby!)

19.)Don't ask a pregnant woman "Are you still here? she will hear this about a million times while she is pregnant.(She obviously is still here if she is standing right in front of you, and that kind of sarcasm at the end of pregnancy is not amusing.)

20.)Its probably best to just stay away from these topics in general:
-Weight (increase or decrease)
-Shoe and clothing size
-Bodily changes and functions.

I have had many of these things said and done to me, and I can look back and laugh at it now but would hate to have them said and done to me again! :) Hope you enjoyed.

Side note: Remember to tell pregnant women how beautiful they are, and how amazing it is that God has trusted them with such a gift, New Life...


ttcurls said...

Yes, you made me chuckle and laugh - sitting here reading this all by myself! I found myself laughing out loud - I every much enjoyed your 'Pregnancy Etiquette 101'. [Maybe it should be printed up and supplied to every pregnant woman to hand out to all those in HER circle of family/friends/acquaintances!] A good 'read' you written on this - one of your last days of THIS pregnancy!
LOVE you,
Mom ♥

Anonymous said...

Hi Chelsea,this is Laura from China.Haven't emailed you for such a long time.Still remember me?I just find you on facebook and this blog.I add you and my name is 司良奇~You are pregnant and will be a mother!Can't believe it~I'm happy for you.My email has not been changed.

Anonymous said...

Hi Chelsea; you are so good...I'm laughing, but what you said is soo truth!! :)
Im sorry if I did rub your belly...:)Love U. Monica Lugo