Monday, November 5, 2012

Choosing My Attitude

It's so easy to be negative, to gripe and complain and be mean and quick tempered to people around you, especially the annoying people around you!
The challenge comes when you decide to be positive,loving and grateful- it seems like everything goes wrong around you and everyone around you annoys you,as if everyone and everything including red lights and computers not working are on a team trying to get you to cave in and be negative.

I have felt the Holy Spirit gently tugging on my heart about this issue over the weekend. I think my excuse for a bad attitude is usually "I'm just stressed out" "I have a lot going on with two little ones and a home to take care for" or  I play the blame game and blame it on others around me. When really its me I'm the problem, and for some reason admitting that feels like a knife in my stomach and then at the same time it feels like freedom, its all me, I make the choice everyday about what kind of attitude I am going to have, and whether or not I am going to walk in love and forgiveness. the bible tells us we can choose life or death (Deuteronomy 30:15) I want to choose life!

Bitterness and anger is like cancer it will eat away at you and it will spread, its deadly to your spiritual life and your relationships. I read a devotional by Joyce Meyers and she made a statement that I love:

I am choosing to have an attitude that says "God is completely changing me from the inside out.He is giving me a new beginning and there are greater things ahead."

I am making this my motto this week, I want to glorify God even in my attitude. And to kick it off here are some things that I am thankful for

Salvation and my relationship with Jesus
A loving and amazing husband
Two healthy babies
Everything God has blessed us with this year,
And so so much more!

Have an amazing Monday!


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