Thursday, August 19, 2010

Pondering Post

We are all moved into our new little home, its starting to feel cozy and and like its our place.Pictures will be coming once all the boxes are unpacked and its all set up.

I'm in a deep pondering mood tonight,I laid down for a while and then decided to get up and write. Have you ever had one of those days when every little thing annoys you and seems to go wrong? not really things to get upset and cry over but little things that are annoying like buying something you didn't mean to buy and then realizing it when you get home,or making plans and then having them completely fall through or having your car break down when you already have a headache, well I have been having not just one of those days but one of those weeks-I cant seem to shake it and I'm beginning to think its a test God is giving me to grow patience and joy in me,this test is a hard one-I like being organized and something inside me just tightens when things don't go how I planned them, I just need to take more deep breaths and tell myself its ok and go with the flow-which is kinda funny because if you ask anyone who knows me well they would tell you I'm really laid back. Hey I'm just being real.I want to pass this test and find joy and peace through obstacles, and I will!

On another note, Why is it we are the hardest on the the people we love the most? why do we feel okay to treat strangers better than those we love? I think its because we get so comfortable with those we love and take that love for granted-I know I'm guilty of that-but its something I want to change, I want to stop focusing on the things my loved ones haven't done and focus on all the wonderful things they have done. So I'm posting this picture, My husband gave me this plant for mothers day and planted it in our back yard, it bloomed the other day for the third time!Thank you honey for this thoughtful and romantic gift, I love you.

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