Friday, June 7, 2013

Learning to love

Reality post here,
The Lord has been tugging on my heart,revealing some deep issues ,and showing me how to work through them.

He has been showing me that my self confidence is not so great, Ouch! 
when I was younger I was teased and told that my thighs were to big, my hair was abnormally thick and my rear end was to large, I tried to ignore the comments,put on a tough face and made others believe that I fully accepted and embraced everything about my body, I tried to make myself believe it too. Truth is those words stung and left me feeling "less than" other women and caught in a trap of comparing myself to others. If I really take time to look at myself in the mirror I can tear myself apart within minuets, my hips are to large,my stomach is not flat enough, my hair is unmanageable ,big and too thick etc... The problem is, I have been looking in the mirror through imperfect  eyes, eyes that have compared for to long,eyes that have been lied to by social media about what "beautiful" is.

The only opinion that should matter to me is God's, so why hasn't it? Is it because I want to be accepted and like everyone else? If God has created me to be unique and one of a kind why not embrace it and stop trying to be like everyone else? I think it all comes back to fear, fear of man fear of not being accepted and fear of being different because it takes courage to go against the crowd and be who God has called you to be and be confident in it! I think the key is knowing who you are IN Christ, knowing what His word says about you and what He thinks about you and then really believing it. You are completely accepted In Christ, so, next time you look in the mirror choose to see yourself through His eyes.   

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Teresa Tullar said...

You are BEAUTIFUL - inside and out!!