Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Five days away from my due date... This morning I was thinking about the past 10 months and how my life has changed,and also how its going to dramatically change in the next few days. I cant express the degree of my excitement to meet my son for the first time, through words. I'm overjoyed and God has blessed me.

Just when I thought I had everything ready for his arrival(clothes and blankets washed,everything organized etc...), more gifts have been showing up in my last week of being pregnant, what a blessing family and friends around us have been!Thank you everyone!

Just a little prego update: at my last appointment (39 weeks along) my midwife said he is in the right position for birth and she thinks he weighs about 8- 8 1/2 pounds already!He is a big boy! :)
Well hope you all are having a wonderful week! and I hopefully very soon I will be posting some pics of our little bundle of joy :)

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