Thursday, April 15, 2010

3 Days... Just waiting : )

Three more days until my due date and I am more than ready to have this little boy in my arms.God is giving me peace,among all the inconsiderate comments or just oblivious remarks from people around me...I know they don't mean harm, I guess my growing belly is just an easy conversation piece. Going through pregnancy gives me more empathy for pregnant woman! and amazes me how women who have been pregnant still haven't learned empathy! sometimes when people approach me I just want to tell them right up front "Don't say something to me if you wouldn't want it said to you." I think that's empathy, putting yourself in my shoes and trying to understand what I'm feeling. I guess over time we just forget those simple acts of kindness like empathy.

I don't want pity from anyone, pregnancy is an amazing thing and has been an amazing experience, I would just like some understanding and consideration, and maybe thinking before you speak...

Here are a few comments I have received while being pregnant, the good, the bad and the funny! hope it gives you a good laugh, I know they made me laugh and cry!


"Wow! you are only 6 months?! you are huge!

"Look at that(pointing to my feet) you have fat feet!"

"What are you having? a boy? Your so wide! I bet you didnt think I would say that did you?! well I did! your wide!"

"Hey you are blocking the isle!(At church) Better lay off those chips girl!"

"You are so BIG!"

and my favorite...

"You are still here?!"


"You are all baby!"

"Wow you look great"

"pregnancy fits you well!"

"You are a beautiful pregnant woman!"

"You don't look like you have gained anything! you are all baby!"

"You have the cutest round belly ever!"

"You are the perfect model pregnant woman!"

"Your baby is going to be gorgeous!"


"You look like an olive on a toothpick! so cute!"

"Did you spit out all the seeds?!"

So... The good outweighs the bad, and I just have to remind myself that, for every rude and inconsiderate comment I have received there has been at least ten lovely ones to combat it! So be nice to a pregnant woman if you see one today! and if she looks like she is ready to pop don't tell her so! just reassure her how beautiful she is, and that she is carrying a miracle inside of her.


Thomas Blue - by Katie said...

I love you. You look beautiful. I cant believe someone said you are wide. Unbelievable! You are FAR FROM wide. You are thin, and your belly is perfect. You know that cause I already told you so. :) Cant wait to see my nephew :) xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

ttcurls said...

Oh, Chelsea, you DID give me a good laugh! And I know where you're coming from...some people just have no tact - or they just don't think before they speak (i.e. - 'Open mouth, insert foot!')

I absolutely LOVE your photo today - just the beautifully, rounded baby bump of little Eli! You truly do bless me as my beautiful, glowing, pregnant daughter! You give pregnancy a 'good name'!
LOVE you,