Thursday, April 1, 2010

Featured Seller ' Karen Gilbert Designs'

This week I am featuring a very unique seller, Karen Gilbert she has a lovely shop on and her jewelry designs are beautiful! Karen is also a valued customer of mine, and the pictures shown here are some of the designs she has made using supplies from my shop. Enjoy!

Here is a little bit about Karen from her own lips.

"My designs are a reflection of many things. Of course seasons bring change, but even dreams have been known to work their way into a piece.
I make jewelry in small batches, like good cookies.
Taking time to pay attention to even the tiniest detail, you won't find me making the same thing day after day after day.
As a young girl growing up in Iowa you would often find me sitting on the front porch turning my old gum wrappers into beads.
The desire to create something, whether it be from found objects or precious metal & stone, has always been a constant in my life.
I want you to 'feel good' wearing one of my pieces.
A great pair of earrings have the power to make you want to wear your hair up, or put your clothes on last!"

You can visit her shop HERE and her website HERE

Thank you Karen for your business and friendship!
And here are a few more pictures!