Sunday, April 18, 2010

Elijahs Due Date is Today...

I never thought I would make it to Elijah's due date, I really thought and planned for him coming 2-3 weeks early. Well to be completely truthful I was beyond totally ready for him to come 2-3 weeks early and doing everything in my power to get him moving! Here are just a few things I tried,I hope when you read them they put a smile on your face or make you chuckle a little because as much effort as I put into them they didn't work!

1.) I ate anything spicy everyday for a week straight-All this did was kick up some major heartburn and a few braxton hicks.

2.) I bounced on a large exercise ball for what seemed like half an hour-This kept me up all night with some serious leg pain and my hubby up all night heating up my rice pack.(Thanks honey, you are amazing)

3.) My midwife suggested drinking lots of Red Raspberry (Leaf Extract) Tea - I don't really care for tea and wasn't thrilled about drinking it, but in my desperation I asked my hubby to make me a cup,and well the only good that came out of this was that I found a tea I really liked!

4.) My hubby has taken me in the car over a few bumpy roads, but probably not enough
to jolt Eli out!

5.) Lots of walks and swimming have also been on my list- I have really enjoyed these two things, but at this point I cant really make it very far walking and I get really tired after swimming (although It does feel amazing to be weightless in the water!).

I am sure a few of these brilliant ideas were what sent us rushing to the hospital late at night, on two separate occasions,only to be told it wasn't real labor I was experiencing and sent us home doing the waddle of shame all the way back.

As time passes I am reminded of how much God is in control and I am not! I am trusting Him and this delivery, and baby are completely in His hands and His timing.During this waiting period I have been so encouraged by friends and family close by. Thank you for your kind words, thinking before you speak and sometimes not saying anything at all. I am also encouraged by the word and a particular scripture that I have been holding onto. " I can do all things through Christ Who gives me strength" Philippians 4:13

Just a little side note... If you see a pregnant woman who you have seen over and over again and she is still pregnant or even past her due date don't ask her this famous question "Are you still here?" instead just tell her how beautiful she is. :)

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