Friday, November 2, 2012

We love the park!

Happy Friday from Florida :)
I love Fridays because it means the weekend is here and with that comes a lot of family time with my hubby home all day long for two days! When he is home that also means I get a little alone time too to create or just spend time with God, the weekends are so refreshing.

We have been taking advantage of the amazing weather we have been having here and going out to a park almost every morning, I just can't pass up perfect weather park days with a cup of coffee or chai !

My little guys have found a new love for swings ,so that is what we have been doing, Swings swings and more swings! And when I feel like my patience is running thin with pushing swings and cranky babies who don't want to leave the swings, God reminds me they are only this age once, so innocent and full of wonder and excitement about new experiences like swinging on swings and experiencing for the first time the feeling of flying as I push them on the swings. Then God reminds me of how patient and loving He is with me in every season of my life. so I keep pushing and laughing with them  thrilled that God chose me to be the one who gets to experience life with them as they experience it for the first time. I am reminding myself to enjoy every minute of the age they are and season I am in.

Have a wonderful weekend filled with joy and maybe stop by a park to swing for a little bit maybe it will give you a different perspective!


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