Thursday, November 8, 2012

Keeping my peace

I am a planner and list maker, I like things organized and in their right place, Im one of those people who keeps a dry erase calendar/schedule and list on my fridge, if its on the calendar or list it will happen :)

Sometimes I am a little to extreme about it and I plan a perfect day with perfect kids and a perfect husband in a perfect little world, LOL but that's NOT reality, I like how Joyce Meyers puts it "in reality only God is perfect and the rest of us are under construction."

satan knows how to steal our peace, and he sets us up when things don't go our way.

To many times I have lost my peace and waved goodbye to my joy as it flies out the window, when things don't go as I have planned. And I usually have a bad attitude about it too. ( just being real here)
It's not something I'm proud of but I'm realizing it and with Gods help I'm working on it.

Life if full of things that happen unexpectedly, things that are inconvenient and disappointing and people that are not perfect, BUT that's life! and life is not perfect! Only God is perfect and as we put our trust in Him, He can help us stay in peace, keep our joy and avoid bad attitudes even when the unexpected happens ! I love what Joyce Meyers says about this "I have discovered that if I don't let those things impress me they can't depress me."

I think its ok to make lists,plan and be organized, I actually enjoy it, and I think that it is something God has placed inside of me, but it is totally unrealistic to think everything will always go as I have planned and that everyone around me will be wonderful at all times.

Let's put our hope in God today instead of our plans,people and things that can fail because He never fails!

Have a great Thursday!

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