Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Etsy Tips

Today I'm going to share some tips to help your shop, and increase your sales on Etsy.
Lets make your shop look Professional yet inviting.
Here are a few things that are a must:

1.)Banner and Avatar--Make sure your banner and Avatar relates to what you are selling,and is in focus.(this is a free spot to advertise one or a few of your items!)

2.)Pictures-(Listing pics,banner pics,avatar pics.)make sure your pictures are in focus and have good lighting. A picture can draw a person in or cause a person to leave your shop and not buy anything.Most digital cameras have a macro setting for up close pics;don't be afraid to take a lot of pics until you get the right one! with digital you can delete!

3.) Renew Items --3-5 items a day- this will keep your items current on the search pages.(warning! don't go to crazy with this, 20 cents adds up fast! I learned this the hard way.)

4.)Listing new items-- list a new item every week or change some of your pics in your listings--This keeps your customers coming back to see whats new.

5.)Good customer service! this is a must! after a customer buys an item send them an e-mail thanking them and letting them know when you will ship their item,and make yourself available for questions from them. Just treat them how you would want to be treated!

There you have it! some great tips to help your shop be a better shop! check back later this week for some sweet tips on how to advertise your shop!

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