Friday, August 24, 2012

Paint Sample /Washi Tape Tutorial

Here is the tutorial for the banner I made for my sister's dorm room and posted pictures of on instagram for those of you who follow me -if you don't follow me on Instagram and want to, my username is chaesings

First off let me just say I know there are a ton of tutorials out there for paint sample banners - but I have never seen one made with Washi tape - so when I didnt have glue to hold the string and and paper together and I really didn't want to use clear tape because it would look tacky I had the idea to use Washi tape! And it worked perfect!

Here is what you will need

-Paint samples about 8 (free! I Picked some  up at Walmart)
-Washi tape (mine is from Target)
-String (I'm using a thin yarn kind of string)

1.)Trace 20 triangles (3 per paint sample) and cut them out.
2.)line up triangles corner to corner and tape the string to the triangles with your Washi tape(I taped the string on the back so u cant see it.)

Leave about 5 inches of empty string at beginning and end - don't cut string until all your triangles are taped on.

Voila! Quick Easy and Festive decor!

Hope you enjoyed! Let me know if you made one and how it turned out! :)


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