Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Outfit of the day

Okay this is a first for me,Im going to try and post one at least once a week but With two little boys I cant make any promises. Im just going to be real with you guys, a post pregnancy body can be a challenge to dress! especially those first few akward months after you have the baby,but Im making it work,even though the tears! and hopefully soon I will be back into my pre pregnancy jeans! yay! But for now I will share with you little tips on how to dress and be comfortable post pregnancy!
So this outfit is a black stretch under shirt( Target)and a purple stretch shirt(Old Navy)-stretch material is great for nursing-its so easy to pull down/up to nurse,and it dosn't lose shape after pulling it down/up so many times to nurse. A tan scarf, just a little trick to hide the post baby bump! A floor length tye dye skirt, (TJ MAX) Black sandels, (sorry you cant see them in the picture!) And the cutest part of my outfit is little Judah! 9 weeks old :) I promise to have better pictures next time I just had my hubby snap this before heading out to church. Hope you enjoyed it! Chelsea


Kaitlin said...

I love the outfit! You look beautiful and Judah is adorable as always :) grey blog post I loved it!!!!!

Teresa Tullar said...

Very stunning, Chelsea! I love your idea of posting outfit pics - very cool. I look forward to tuning-in to see what's next!